Specification Service for Redland Renewable Energy Systems

  • Complete guaranteed specification service for projects involving Redland renewable energy systems

EcoMaster is Redland’s free-of-charge design and specification service. It correctly specifies all the Redland Solar Range components needed for your Solar PV project. Solar PV systems specified, installed, commissioned and maintained in accordance with Redland instructions are covered by a Power Output Guarantee for the Solar Panel(s). EcoMaster projects are guaranteed weathertight and secure for 15 years when included as part of a SpecMaster project. 

An initial feasibility study can be carried out for your proposed project by completing a Redland EcoMaster Form. You can either download and fax the relevant EcoMaster form to us on 03708 702596 or alternatively, you can complete the on-line form below. Please complete as fully as possible and click "Submit". Assuming all information has been received, we will process your specification within ten working days (although we may need to contact you for additional information). The specification will include a provisional list of all the Redland components required along with an estimate of the performance of the system as designed. Specifications can only be produced for projects in the UK. Please note that currently we cannot accept attachments on-line, therefore, if you have other supporting documents or drawings, please download the form above and send the complete package to us at:

Redland Technical Solutions
Monier Redland Ltd
Broadway Lane
South Cerney

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