Rosemary Clay Craftsman TilesTechnical Data
Size (overall)265 x 165 mm
Minimum Pitch35°
Maximum Pitch90°subject to fixing specification
Minimum Headlap65 mm
35 mm
below 90°
at 90°
Maximum Headlap88 mm
Minimum Gauge/Batten Spacing88 mm
Maximum Gauge/Batten Spacing100 mm
115 mm
below 90°
at 90°
Tile Thickness13 mm
Hanging Length255 mmapprox
Linear Cover of 1 Tile165 mm
Covering Capacity
60 tiles/m²
52 tiles/m²
below 90°
at 90°
Laid Weight (Below 90°)78 kg/m²
Laid Weight (At 90°)68 kg/m²
Weight per Pallet (approx)0.95 tonnes
Battens Required10 m/m²
8.7 m/m²
below 90°
at 90°
Batten Size38 x 25 mmrafter centres up to 600 mm
Nail Size40 x 2.65 mmAluminium Alloy nails
Number of Tiles/Pallet720
Tiles per pack12