Fixing Instructions

FixMaster is a guaranteed tile and batten fixing specification service tailored to individual roof designs. It's Redland's high technology solution to incorrect fixing providing the most cost-effective specification to comply with British Standards.

As no two roofs are the same, FixMaster takes into account all variable factors including roof geometry, location and products used. A full assessment is made of any nearby tall structures, natural topographical features or, in the case of airports in the locality, pressures generated by aircraft trailing wake vortices.

Methods to obtain a FixMaster are:
  • visit the FixMaster section of this website to submit the online data sheet
  • e-mail Technical Solutions to order a data sheet
  • telephone the Customer Service Hotline on 08705 601000 to request one of Redland's Account Managers to visit you


  • At eaves, use double courses with purpose made Eaves/Top Tiles for the undercourse. 
  • At verges and abutments to maintain broken bond, use Standard Plain Tiles and Tile-and-a-halves in alternate courses.
  • Adjacent to hips, valleys and angles use Tile-and-a-halves.
  • At side abutments, allow for stepped flashing and soakers.
  • At top courses use double courses with purpose made Eaves/Top Tiles for the top course.
  • For Winchester Cuts use two Tile-and-a-halves per course. Winchester Cut detail must not be used to abut roof pitches below 40┬║ or in exposed locations. In these cases soldier or double soldier courses must be used.