Rapid Flashing on a Chimney
Rapid Flashing Lead Grey

Part of the Rapid+ range of universal roofing components. Compatible with all Redland tiles and slates.

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing can be used instead of lead in the majority of pitched roof applications, including side abutments, top edge abutments, hips, valleys, saddles and around chimneys. For example applications please click on the fixing tab above.

The unrivalled speed and ease of installation enables standard flashing details to be completed twice as quickly as with lead offering a viable and safer alternative to traditional methods.

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing is now guaranteed for 20 years.


Wakaflex Rapid Flashing complies with DIN 52133 for temperature stability and DIN 16726 and DIN 16731 for UV resistance.


The Redland Training & Resource Centre provides practical courses, designed to give merchant and contractor staff understanding of pitched roofing and confidence in dealing with Redland products. Click here for information on our Rapid Flashing training day.

Roofing System Guarantee and Accreditation

BBA Certificate No. 09/4622

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