Higher Broughton / Broughton Green Regeneration Scheme

Cambrian Slate Grey, Salford Regeneration

Affordable housing in inner city areas has been one of the main drivers for new public and private projects over the past few years. Many areas have experienced severe population loss, housing market decline and failure, contributing to deprivation, poor quality housing and low levels of owner occupation.

As part of the wider Manchester Salford Pathfinder, and receiving funding from the Housing Market Renewal Programme, one of the largest schemes to help reverse this trend is the Higher Broughton / Broughton Green regeneration scheme completed over a period of seven years in 2009.

The phased project, covering over 30 acres, used innovative construction methods, high quality materials and architecturally led design by Church Lukas Limited, exemplified by the use of Redland's Cambrian slates.

The overall quality ensured that elements of the scheme picked up the prestigious Manchester Evening News Residential Property Awards and led to acclaimed designer Kevin McCloud describing the scheme as the "best of the best"

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