Grey is the New Black...

Originally only available on DuoPlain, Redland has now extended the Charcoal Grey range to include Mini Stonewold, Grovebury, MockBond Mini Stonewold and Plain Tile, all tiles popular with UK housebuilders

Redland's Charcoal Grey tiles use acrylic paint to achieve a rich colour much darker than can be achieved through standard body pigmentation alone.

In addition to the attractive and professional finish, the interlocking design of our concrete tiles offer a cost effective roofing solution combined with speed of installation.

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DuoPlain combines the classic proportions and good looks of traditional plain tiles with all the time and cost-saving benefits of a modern interlocking tile.

Grovebury concrete interlocking tiles feature the gentle flowing lines of a classic pantile to blend harmoniously into any environment.

Redland's range of concrete Plain Tiles are quick and easy to lay and offer great versatility and scope for varied effects.The tile features a double camber from side to side as well as from head to tail.

A flat concrete slate which can be laid at pitches as low as 17.5° for new build or reroofing applications. Our most economical concrete slate with interlocking edges for simple construction.

An economical interlocking concrete slate, the MockBond variant of Mini Stonewold provides the look of small format slate.