Materials Efficiency & Waste Minimisation


  • Our roofing tiles are made from raw materials predominantly found in nature: sand, water, clay and iron oxide pigments
  • We constantly improve our recipes and production practices to reduce the general consumption of these raw materials
  • We use natural colours for our roofing tiles. The pigments to colour our tiles are found in natural stone such as Hematite, Magnetite and Goethite
  • We use natural materials for our glazes and engobes, such as special clay, pre-melted glass or pigments. All our glazes are of course lead free
  • We use gas instead of fossil oils to fire our kilns
  • The waste water from our production processes is recycled and re-used in manufacturing. We have also installed water treatment plants and/or settlement lagoons at plants to ensure that any water runoff is correctly treated before it enters any water courses
  • Our Cambrian Slates are manufactured using waste slate from Welsh quarries as the main component (minimum 60%). Furthermore, our Cambrian plant has reduced its reject rate, with less than 1% of total raw materials going to landfill

waste minimisation

  • We recycle wet material in all of our tile production processes and aim to reduce the amount of dry waste
  • We use biologically degradable substances as parting agents for tile moulds, replacing those containing mineral oils
  • We are working towards recycling Polymer coatings at all our concrete plants where used
  • We re-use old aluminium pallets, on which we make our tiles, by melting and recycling them as raw material


Environmentally friendly packaging materials have been developed in co-operation with our customers and suppliers. We aim to use recyclable materials and consume less by recycling packaging materials.

  • We annually review our packaging and the energy used to wrap our products to reduce the tonnage used
  • Supplier packaging is recycled wherever possible
  • We have also introduced a wooden pallet returns system where our customers are encouraged to return the pallets on which our products are packaged. These are then reused for future product packaging. We currently reuse over 100,000 pallets per year

end of life recycling

The use of natural raw materials, environmentally friendly production processes and supply chain optimisation is only one part of the story. The quality, durability and functionality of our products are also a tribute to the environment. Here is how we ensure our products contribute to a sustainable future.

  • All our concrete tiles can be recycled for use as aggregate in building applications such as roads and paths, and all our plastic components are also fully recyclable
  • Clay tiles can be reused


Consistently producing high quality products requires great attention to detail and continuous effort, especially in the production process. From raw material selection to project site delivery, Braas Monier takes pride in its production processes, as they are the excellent result of collaboration within our worldwide industrial network. Braas Monier plants across the globe continually work to fine-tune and improve even the smallest steps in our production processes, which translates into higher quality products and better value for the consumer.