Energy Efficiency & CO2 Emissions


Our products are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment, which keeps consumption of raw materials, water and energy low due to the latest technologies applied, thus minimising the amount of Embodied Carbon.

Preserving and protecting the environment is a prime objective for Braas Monier. We aim at continuously benchmarking the environmental performance of our operations and supply chain processes to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities. Every year we benchmark our UK factories against over 150 roofing factories from around the world to help improve energy efficiencies and learn from sharing best practice. Our UK factories currently rank among the best in the world and continue to minimize their environmental impact against a defined annual programme of production improvements.

  • Concrete production: Our well insulated curing chambers capture the heat which is set off by the concrete, reducing the amount of heat needed to cure the concrete tiles. In some situations even no heat input is needed at all
  • Clay production: We use state-of-the-art casing kilns, which efficiently capture heat input and use it for both drying and firing tiles. And we constantly optimise our clay blends to reduce CO2 emissions during the production process
  • Our Cambrian slates are manufactured using waste slate from Welsh quarries as the main component
  • We use biologically degradable substances as parting agents for tile moulds, replacing those containing mineral oils
  • We re-use old pallets by melting and recycling them as raw material
  • Our plants are equipped with dust collectors and flue gas treatment to preserve air quality
  • We strive to integrate our plants into their local environments and landscapes harmoniously

Consistently producing high quality products requires great attention to detail and continuous effort, especially in the production process. From raw material selection to project site delivery, Braas Monier takes pride in its production processes, as they are the excellent result of collaboration within our worldwide industrial network. Braas Monier plants across the globe continually work to fine-tune and improve even the smallest steps in our production processes, which translates into higher quality products and better value for the consumer.

The diagrams below demonstrate the general steps in our production processes for concrete and clay Braas Monier roof tiles. Clicking on the diagrams will enlarge the view.

Concrete Process

Concrete Production Process

Clay Process

Clay Production Process